Welcome to Anand Niketan

Anand Niketan, Nai Talim School, was re-started in July 2005 at Sevagram. It has been started with the firm belief that Gandhiji's ideas on Education are as relevant today as they were 75 years ago. It takes into consideration the developments of educational thought and the challenges of modern context. 

The Philosophy

Anand Niketan aims towards holistic development of a child i.e., head, heart and hand. It equally aims for the development of a responsible citizenship. the development of intellect with compassion, humility and respect for all life forms and the mother earth is considered important.

It believes in a transformative role of education - transformation towards a just and sustainable world. Since education is getting ready for life, so that learning process ought to be integrated with life.

Why this Experiment?

The existing mainstream educational system encourges mainly rote learning and produces a huge crop of unconcerned individuals. Not only this, the present educational system is also insensitive towards the basic nature of the child and altogether is doing little good either to the individual or to the society.

So, there is an urgent need to attend to this issue. A number of problems are arising out of the worldwide fast-growing consumer culture. The widening socio-economic gap between the intellectual world and the world of physical labour needs to be reduced and ultimately eliminated.

An effort towards this end through education could only be proper integration of the two along with the development of humane value-based and rational-analytical mindset.

Glimpses of our School